Taste of Wild

Yes, it’s better than glass —
   a hard, cold
   divide from reality.
I can feel the breeze,
   rain falls and I am wet,
   squirrels fear my smell,
   jays rail at my presence.
But, there’s still this matter of
   nylon, a millimeter thick,
   a soft cage of unwanted

Tree, dog, cat

tree_dog_catLumbering, misshapen, looming tree, no symmetry, favorite by far, visible for miles in my flat land, shading two unlikely litter mates — dog, ugly happy thing, flabby jowls, stubby legs, marching by sister cat — two same-day born beings, carried box to box by mothers, confused, unsure finally of offspring, form & laws of inheritance — he marches beside that creature dearest in his life, who in turn leaps into air, runs beneath dog belly, rolls in plowed earth of the great shared field — these three allies standing guard against sun, assassins, and tiny jewels floating in dusty rays.